At this school, we are committed to a culture where students are encouraged to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of learning how to learn, while upholding Christian teachings and beliefs.

The truth and authority of the Holy Bible and strong family values underpin the commitment of the school to provide quality in every facet of education – curriculum, teachers, facilities, management and discipline – in a safe and caring environment.


In coming to this School each student, parent and staff member shall uphold the values of the School which include:

  • Integrity – uprightness, honesty and decorous conduct, governed by the Holy Bible;
  • Care & Compassion – kindness, consideration and generosity to all;
  • Respect – for all people, property, opinions and authority;
  • Responsibility – for our actions, progress and the environment; and
  • Commitment – to self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence.


The guiding principles of this school are based on the teachings of the Holy Bible, as believed, taught and practised by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (‘the Brethren’). Our core values and guiding principles guide the governance and management leadership of the school to operate consistently with the core values and principles.

  • The trustees of the school, as practising members of the Brethren, are committed to a way of life that is governed by the Holy Bible. The conduct of the students and staff must consistently reflect Biblical values at the school. The trustees hold absolute discretion to determine and exercise their authority as to what conduct or activity within the school environment is in accord with the Holy Bible and the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Brethren.
  • The Brethren uphold the sanctity of marriage, the family unit and the principle of separation.
  • Consistent with the biblical principles concerning relationships and modesty, staff are to conduct themselves modestly and decorously, setting a proper example to students and in a manner which is respectful of the management, fellow staff, students and parents and the Brethren community and way of life.
  • All staff are expected to demonstrate good judgment and professional taste when it comes to the way in which they present themselves. Courtesy to co-workers and the professional image presented to students, parents and visitors should be the factors that are used to assess that staff are dressed in appropriate attire. High standards of dress, grooming and personal cleanliness all make a positive contribution to the culture of the school and, as such, during school hours or when representing the school, staff are expected to present a clean, neat and tasteful appearance in accordance with the Personal Appearance section of the Staff Handbook.
  • All staff must maintain a positive, professional and supportive attitude to the school management, fellow staff members and students, and generally demonstrate a willingness to assist in maintaining an encouraging, harmonious and welcoming educational environment throughout the school. Class and individual discussions should avoid staff or student private lives and be respectful of the beliefs and practices of students and their parents.
  • Peer support and positive working relationships between students are encouraged; however, staff are not to condone activities that are not according to the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Brethren.
  • Parents, students and staff are expected to conduct themselves with integrity at all times, and in a responsible manner. Bad language, smoking, alcohol and drugs of addiction are not permitted at any school, venue or function at any time or for any reason.
  • The school Board encourages the use of a wide variety of high quality educational material and resources (including multimedia) to provide a well-rounded education. All teaching programmes, resources, assignments and assessments are to be in accordance with the Guiding Principles in this document and are subject to review by the School Board.


“To see learners who are career-ready and inspired to continue their learning.”

OneSchool is a dynamic global high-achieving school which challenges  learning norms and fosters a positive learning culture.

We develop critical thinkers who engage in a variety of on-request learning experiences to facilitate collaborative problem solving and leadership skills to see and lead with integrity through tomorrow’s challenges.

A shared language of learning underpins a culture in which learning is personalized and progress is measured and celebrated.

As an employer of choice, we continuously develop staff through the OneSchool Teacher Academy, which enables career pathways through global professional collaboration.

We communicate and share practice through management systems and digital platforms to create effective learning and teaching environments.

The OneSchool culture values and nurtures a growth mindset which inspires continual innovation and facilitates the development of self-directed, life-long learners.


“Learning to Learn”

The School is committed to creating and delivering learning programmes that meet the educational needs of each student, and nurture the attitudes and skills necessary for continual learning and personal growth throughout life.

“Learning to Learn” means to use learning as a tool whereby students are equipped with the ability to think critically, process information peceptually, analyse data accurately and evaluate situations intelligently  in order that they fulfil their true potential.