“The accommodation and grounds are of excellent quality and greatly enhance pupils’ learning.”

These comments by the School Inspectors in October 2011, were a great reward to the many parents and volunteers who had helped to bring the former Wilton Middle School back to life. The buildings had fallen into disrepair by the time Focus School took the reins, and over a 12 month period the whole premises were renovated, redecorated and improved in order to provide an exceptional teaching environment.

“The excellent quality of the school’s facilities and resources enhance the curriculum and pupils’ learning. Provision for physical education (PE) and games is varied and of high standard. Specific subject areas are discrete and well equipped, for example, for technology, art and music, which is located apart from other rooms. The library has recently been moved to the centre of the school and is now used more extensively. It is well stocked and staffed by volunteers every day. As a result of the excellent facilities, pupils benefit from high-quality experiences in subjects, enhanced by the good subject expertise of teachers and very good resources. For example, there is a printing press and two kilns in art, two computer suites, well-stocked technology and food rooms and well-resourced science laboratories.” (SIS Inspection Report Dec 2013)

We have been developing the facilities for our Primary students; there is ample space to enhance their experience and developments such as the dipping ponds and the Willow structures give activities that many schools have to go off-site to access.

We have good provision for external activities – the ball courts giving opportunities for netball and hockey, whilst marked out football pitches gives a quality experience in both the curricular activities and breaktime play. The field is marked out for athletic activities in the summer.

With 11 acres of gently sloping fields and awe-inspiring views of the surrounding countryside, Wilton Campus is a great place in which to learn and to teach.