Foreword by Mr C McShane – Wilton Campus Headteacher

“Education is the lighting of a fire not the filling of a pail”  WB Yeates

We are working together to create the very best education for the 21st Century.

When they leave us, every Focus Wilton student will be an empathetic thinker, communicator and problem solver with the Community values, attributes, skills and knowledge to allow them to engage successfully with the experiences and challenges of 21st century life.

My goal as Headteacher of the Focus School Wilton Campus is:

“To create an exceptional educational experience for the school’s community”

I feel very privileged to be leading the new Wilton Campus all-through school and I am looking forward to working with everyone associated with the school in ensuring the children receive the very best education, care and guidance. It is my intention to build upon the tremendous foundations already in place by creating, establishing and developing a culture of excellence in learning. The next few years are an exciting time for Wilton as we move into the Self Directed Learning (SDL) philosophy. This is not without its challenges for all of us: students, parents and teachers, as we develop new learning practices. Ultimately however, the skills the students develop will remain with them for the rest of their lives and impact positively on the community for generations to come.

I will work with students, teachers, trustees, parents and the wider community to ensure every student receives a world class education to meet their needs and ambitions.

Mr C McShane