Focus School Wilton Campus is subject to 109 inspections which are carried out by the Schools Inspection Service (SIS) who are monitored by OFSTED.

The school has been subject to the following reports:

September 2016

The trustees would like to extend a big thank you to Mr Chris McShane and all the staff at the school for their hard work and effort.  The final result was good all round and gives us an excellent foundation to build on as we move forward over the coming months.  Before the inspectors arrived we all agreed we were on a journey to “outstanding” and this report gives us every confidence that we can reach it.  We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the students – to quote from the inspectors report: “Throughout the school, students’ personal enthusiasm for learning is a positive factor in how they approach the school day; with enthusiasm and eagerness. Their behaviour is exemplary and reflects the very positive relationships they have with each other and their teachers.”  Let’s continue to work together to make the 2016-17 year the best yet for Wilton Campus!”

Download the full inspection report here.

December 2013

In summary, Wilton Campus did exceptionally well. As the inspectors commented, “Wilton Secondary Campus has made considerable progress since its last inspection”. The inspection awarded the school the top outstanding grade for the welfare, health and safety of pupils, for the suitability of its premises and accommodation, and for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.

The school was reported as benefiting from exemplary pupil behaviour, good resourcing, discrete facilities for specialised subjects aiding pupils’ learning, and strong, positive relationships between pupils and teachers. The school was congratulated on its use of assessment and data to inform teachers’ planning. The quality of Teaching and Assessment was described as good with a significant proportion of teaching being of outstanding quality. Of course as a school we are always striving to improve with the help of Focus Learning Trust and their team of advisors, but these judgements are a firm, solid foundation on which to continue to build.

Download the full inspection report here.

October 2011

This inspection was undertaken in the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. It is an excellent report and much better than we could have hoped for so soon after opening our doors. It is worth remembering that the inspectors were only able to consider the evidence available to them since the school had started in September 2011, a period of five weeks or so and there is, therefore, no mention within the report of the excellent examination results that had been obtained at Allbrook and Tisbury which merged to form the new school at Wilton.

There are a number of salient points to note. According to the inspectors the school made an “excellent” start and established itself quickly as a thriving school, where the student survey revealed that pupils are happy to attend and enjoy their learning experiences at school. The premises were graded as “excellent” by the inspectorate which they argue have made a positive impact on the children’s learning experiences. They noted the well presented displays that were already up in classrooms. A particular pleasing finding was that the teaching, learning and the quality of assessment was described as “good with outstanding features”, with excellent provision in the Sixth Form.

Download the full inspection report here.