At Wilton we firmly believe that every student is an individual, having individual abilities, needs and learning styles that need to be specifically provided for.  The welfare and educational needs of each student are central to all planning and decision making within the school.

There is a high level of cohesion and peer support between different year groups, as well as within each year group, which makes for a highly productive and friendly learning environment.

The December Inspection reported that ‘Pupils enjoy school and their behaviour is exemplary’ and that their ‘spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and the attention to their safeguarding, welfare, health and safety are excellent’.

Student voice is high on the agenda at Wilton.  We have an active School Council composed of elected representatives from each year group, who meet monthly to discuss and recommend action to improve the school.  Sixth form students, who demonstrate leadership skills, are given the opportunity to be prefects and act as role models to younger students, and take responsibility around the school.

Pupils are also involved in the interview process when selecting teachers, and their views are sought and listened to when planning any significant changes within the school.

whole school photo 2015 - 2016