Academic performance – Summer 2019

Year 6 SATs Attainment Headlines

Outcomes at Year 6 are continuing an upward trend. The school has been performing above the national average for Reading and SPaG for the past two years but this year for the first time Maths is on a par with National. This is particularly pleasing as Maths has closed a significant gap over the past three years. Writing is also on a significant upward trend and now showing well above national. This is important as strong writing is a significant building block for progression at Key Stages 3,4 and 5.

Wilton 2019  % Wilton Average Scaled Score National % National Average Scaled Score
Reading 79% 106 73% 104
SPaG 88% 105 78% 106
Maths 79% 103 79% 105
Writing 83% N/A 78% N/A

GCSE Results

This year 95.6 % of students achieved grade 4 or better in English and Science and 87% in Maths. 70% scored Level 5 or better in English 82.6% in Science and 56.5% in Maths.

82.6% of students gained at least 5 grade 4s or better including English and Maths. 56.5% gained at least 5 Level 5 grades or better including English and Maths. 68% of students achieved at least 8 grades at grade 4 or above and 44% gained at least 8 grades at level 5 and above.

Attainment 8 and Progress 8

There are two DfE measures of the whole school performance Attainment 8 and Progress 8. Attainment 8 is the average GCSE score for all students which this year is 54.3 up slightly on last year. Progress 8 is more complicated. This is a measure of the progress students have made in the school from KS2. This is plus or minus from zero which is the national average progress for all students in all schools.  A negative score means below national average and a plus score means we are above the national average. We cannot accurately give a Progress 8 score at this point but using 2018 national data we predict a positive score above 0. Unofficially we predict this score to be about +0.5.

A-Level Results

This year students have completed more courses than ever before, on average each student completed 3.6 subjects. They have also had the additional challenge of being more self-directed in their studies, a stern challenge but they have learnt a great deal from it.

93.7% of all courses taken achieved pass grades E-A*, 63.4% of those have been at Grade C or above with 40% at Grade B or above.


Academic performance – Summer 2018

Results at the end of Key Stage 2 indicate that learners achieve outstanding results against the national picture. Pupils sit papers in numeracy, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation. These papers are externally marked and results can therefore be compared against the national picture.

 Key Stage 2 SATs 2018                      

Wilton 2018 % Wilton Average Scaled Score 2018 National % 2018 National Average Scaled Score
Reading 80% 107 75% 105
SPaG 84% 104 78% 106
Maths 76% 102 76% 104
Writing 76% N/A 78% N/A
RWM Combined 56% N/A 64% N/A

 Please note that we are submitting one student’s maths papers to be re-marked as we feel there is a mark missing and, if the appeal is successful, the student will have achieved 100, which will change the Maths % to 80% achieving expected standard and it will change the RWM Combined to 60%.

Results at the end of Key Stage 4 & 5. We are pleased to inform that in 2018 93.6% of students attained five or more grade 4+ passes in GCSE qualifications. At A-Level 98.1% of students attained qualifications in their chosen subject(s).