We have a whole school approach to meeting special needs at Wilton, whether that is an educational or disability need.  It is recognised throughout the school that every teacher is a teacher of children with specific needs.

Screening continues throughout the child’s time at Wilton, both from collaborative evidence collected via teacher feedback and assessments, such as mapgrowth, SATS and Yelis. Parents appreciate the dialogue they have with teachers in supporting their child’s overall development and in addressing specific needs they may have.

Where necessary this detection is supported by external assessments to identify learning needs and recommend strategies to effectively support students needing more specialist provision. There is significant emphasis placed on maintaining the wider objective that wherever possible, the student will remain included as part of their peer group in meeting their social and emotional needs as well as addressing their learning needs.

The special needs register is reviewed regularly to ensure that the strategies that are put in place are working effectively and students are moved off, as well as on to, the register as appropriate.

The SEND Local Offer can be read here.

If you have a concern about your child’s educational needs or his/her disability, your points of contact via the school office are:

Regional SENDCo: Mrs Gough

Campus SEND Coordinator: Mrs Hunjan

SEND Trustee: Mr Marcus Gill