Sports Day 2018

It was set to be a hot one, with temperatures reaching 29C at Sports Day last Friday. Students arrived in good time to warm up and parade around the track at Kings Park Athletics Stadium in Bournemouth; house gazebos, banners and colours were flying.

For the Yellow Raiders, Red Troopers and Green Warriors, the house sports leaders prepared their teams for some great competition. Many students had been training in school and in their own time to beat their previous times, distances and heights in order to beat their personal bests and achieve valuable house points for the coveted Sports Day cup.

The event kicked off with the 80m and 100m heats in which all students took part in front of a huge community crowd, where the atmosphere was as hot as the temperature.33 Wilton Campus records were broken during the day, including 7 x 2017 Focus School records in key events, such as Zara Rubie’s 1.44m in the 7-9 girls’ high jump, Laurel Brown’s 4.59m in the 7-9 girls’ long jump, George Aris’s time of 4.31 minutes in the 1500m, Wyatt Tuffin’s 6.25m in the 10-13s’ long jump and Riley Humphreys’s 49.35m in the 10-13s’ Javelin. Ketsia Gardner set 2 new Focus records with 27.31 seconds in the 10-13 girls’ 10-13s’ 200m and 1.51m in the girls’ 10-13 high jump.The house sports leaders have worked hard during the past few months, preparing the students and sorting out the participants, both before the event as well as making last minute changes on the day. They also did a great job of warming their teams up at the start and motivating them throughout. Students demonstrated their talent and worked hard for those valuable house points but there could only be one winner:
1st Yellow Raiders – 1376
2nd Green Warriors – 1215
3rd Red Troopers – 1075
Yellow Raiders’ sports leaders, Zara Rubie, Ketsia Gardner, Bertie Morrish and Riley Humphreys were presented with the house cup by Mr McShane and were then joined by the rest of their team for a team celebration and photos.Thank you to all those who were involved with another great sports day!

Sports Day 2017
The sun was shining on Wilton Campus Sports Day. Students and parents gathered early to warm up, set up house gazebos and prepare for what was to be a great day at King’s Park Athletics Stadium in Bournemouth. Balloons, banners and the red, yellow and green colours were flying high for the house teams. This was the first year that the new house names were used on Sports Day with the Yellow Raiders, Red Troopers and Green Warriors all sporting their new logos and numbers on their house vests. Students had been training hard in preparation and it showed, with some excellent individual and team performances throughout the day.

The day kicked off with the 80m and 100m heats in front of a large community crowd with a great atmosphere, spurred on by the star commentators. 32 records were broken in key events such as Zach Dixon’s 1.81m and Zara Rubie’s 1.33m in the KS4/5 high jump, Ted Farrant’s 5 minutes in KS3 1500m; Rose Barter and Tigerlily Farrant broke the KS4/5 and KS3 300m records respectively and Poppy Farrant and Fletcher Long broke their 200m record with 32.68 seconds and 24.35 seconds. Records were also set in the new Discus and Triple Jump events and a number of relay events records were set and broken by some strong house teams performing in near perfect conditions.

Further to this, 5 Focus records were broken and have been submitted to OneSchool in the following events:

KS3 Girls High Jump – Zara Rubie 1.38m
KS4/5 Girls High Jump – Ketsia Gardner 1.44m
KS3 Boys Discus – Hugo Christopher 29.91m
KS4/5 Girls 100m – Ketsia Gardner 13.45 seconds
KS4/5 Boys 1500m – George Aris 4.33.74 minutes

The new house sports leaders did a great job of warming their teams up at the start and then motivating their teams throughout the day. Tensions were high as it all came down to the relay results at the end of the day. The final results were as follows with only a few points between 1st and 2nd:

1st Yellow Raiders – 1097
2nd Green Warriors – 1023
3rd Red Troopers – 995

Yellow Raiders sports leaders, Zara Rubie, Ketsia Gardner, Bertie Morrish and Riley Humphreys were presented with the house cup by Mr McShane and were then joined by the rest of their team for a victory lap of the track.

Thank you to all those involved with another great sports day!


Sports Day 2016

Monday 11th July 2016 will be remembered as another great Sports Day for Wilton Campus. An amazing 21 new school records were broken – many PBs (personal bests) smashed and potentially a handful of Focus school records made! (First ever for Wilton Campus).

This was the last school event with our historic 4 House teams and they certainly put their all into this event. Next year we welcome the introduction of the new Global three House system.

It was the first time Wilton Campus has used the Bournemouth athletic stadium. The day was warm and started off with a blustery east wind causing the ‘back straight ‘ to be a real battle for those competing in the 1500m, 800m, 400m and 4x100m relay. This was overcome well by the participants as the teams roared each other on…!

A great atmosphere was created with over 240 participants, years 3 to 13 inclusive, and approx 500 spectators. There was great support from the teaching staff and a visit by Mr.Colley our full-time PE teacher starting in September who very kindly got the day under way with an important warm up.

A special thank you to all the students who gave up time to practise, as with anything in life practise pays off! The results we very close and for the first time in the history of this event at Wilton, Wardour were the worthy winners! Well done the Green Wardour Team!





Video coming soon!


Sports Day 2015

This was the first joint Primary and Secondary Sports Day the Wilton Campus have organised. The feedback has been excellent and as usual the Students made the day!

Everyone joined in well and created an event which was action-packed with 19 school records broken along with new records set for the Primary events. Congratulations to Grovely for clinching the title – excellent teamwork. Hosted in Yeovil for the first time, the facilities were excellent: parking nearby, on-site food and drink kiosk, grandstand seating for 130 and above all an excellent running track and arena for the students to use and showcase their athletic ability. Electronic and photographic finish timing was used for the first time. It proved to be an essential requirement for accuracy, certainly something we will be using going forward.


Grovely 907

Sarum 876

Wardour 732

Longford 669

A big thank you to:

Mr Hankin who helped with the announcements and commentary.

Helpers and organisers.

All students for taking part regardless of ability. (This is greatly appreciated.)

The excellent support from spectators!

Roll on 2016 …

Enjoy a brief and entertaining overview of our 2015 Sports Day hosted in Yeovil.

Photos of 2015 Sports Day

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