Comments received by the agency of a current supply teacher working at Wilton Campus – April 2017:

“Well, you were right about the school!!!! Except that, it’s NOT very good – BUT excellent!!!

The pupils are really well behaved, they listen and engage fully with the work. I can’t imagine a nicer school to work in…..

 I had the last period free and spent that reading through some of the work that they had done previously for/with their class teacher…… When I read the first one it was excellent…..and I made a note of the pupils name, and added a few comments on my notepad.

 I then read the next one, noted the name, made some comments again….. Next, the third one, then the fourth…..and at that point the penny dropped…..and I realised that all of them were like that!

 …. I stopped the list as all the feedback would have been the same…..all of it was amazingly good….all of it was excellent.

 What a fantastic school. It really was a privilege to be there.”


Teachers at Wilton Campus are highly regarded by our pupils, parents and trustees. The views of the teachers are valued and taken into consideration when strategic decisions are made. This can be seen in the development of the new Professional Hub which provides staff with a comfortable, air conditioned area in which staff can prepare lessons and access the internet before, during and after school. Next to the work area is a well equipped relaxation area where tea and coffee is supplied and staff can meet colleagues to discuss the highlights of the day.

The following vacancies are currently available: 


Wilton is an excellent place to start or to further a teacher’s career. Professional development is positively encouraged along with the interests of staff and the needs of the school. The school mirrors most schools in the country following a broad and balanced curriculum, embracing the National Curriculum with students studying the usual range of G.C.S.E. and A level subjects.

The school has a collegial team approach to management where the staff and management are seen as a team working for the benefit of all students. The team is friendly and warmly welcomes new members. Staff are caring and highly supportive of each other. The office staff are an integral part of the team and handle their workload with good humour and efficiency. The teaching team is composed of hard working professionals who use a variety of teaching methodologies to ensure excellent learning outcomes for the students. The learning support team work alongside teachers to enable all pupils to access the curriculum. As a team we are always eager to improve and strive for excellence. A significant number of our teachers have come from the state sector and often comment on how refreshed they feel working at the school with a group of students who are well mannered, friendly and have a desire to learn.

We carefully screen all applicants to establish their suitability to work with children.