This year, THURSDAY 2ND MARCH, 2017, is the 20th year of World Book Day and, as such, it is a celebration of all things reading-related, including authors, illustrators and most importantly, books.

Young people across the UK will come together on the day to acknowledge and enjoy the pleasure of reading. World Book Day is marked in more than 100 countries worldwide and according to the organisers, UNESCO, the aim of the day is to “encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading” because, most importantly, “it’s all about getting kids closer to the books and authors they already love, and letting them discover more books and authors they’ll love every bit as much in the future.”

A spokesman for World Book Day said: “A lot of people choose to celebrate by dressing as a character from a book, but we encourage people to try other activities too. Anything that helps to share the love and pleasure of reading and books, and all the benefits that can flow from reading for pleasure.”

With this in mind, on THURSDAY 2ND MARCH 2017, Wilton is encouraging all students in all of the Lower School (yrs 3-8) to dress up as a book character for the day. We would love the students to also carry a copy of the book that their character comes from, so other people can enjoy and appreciate their literary efforts. We want as many students as possible, from across the whole of the Lower School, to be involved and to dress up (some of the teachers are already planning their costumes!), but if a student does not want to come as a literary character, we do expect them to come to school in full and correct uniform.

 We have also launched our “Book in a Jar” competition!

To coincide with World Book Day we have invited students to think about how their favourite book, or a book important to them, could be represented in a simple jar. We are hoping to see some incredibly creative entries that we will then put on display in the school hall and, because it is a competition, there will be house points and individual prizes for student entries. Eventually, a range of the jars will be displayed in the library in order to offer inspiration on future ‘reads’ for our students.

The rules for “Book in a Jar” are incredibly simple:

  1. Fill the jar with clues and items and images that relate to your chosen book
  2. Write your name on the bottom of the jar and your form
  3. Write the name of your book on the inside of the lid
  4. Write your name and your book’s name on a piece of paper and place it in an envelope with your jar
  5. Have your entry ready for Wednesday 1st March to hand in to – your class teacher (yrs. 3-6) or Mrs Stone

On the day, students will have lessons as normal up until lunch and then, after lunch, during Learning session 3 (Period 5-6) they will go into their lower school mentor groups and will, on a rota basis, go to the hall to look at all the “Book in a Jar” competition entries and take part in the competition themselves. They will also have ‘storytime’ , when they will have the opportunity to listen to and read some stories that will bring World Book Day to life!