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Years 10 and 11 Food Preparation & Nutrition »

In the Food and Nutrition room, years 10 and 11 have been working extremely hard on their final practical food assignmen


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Health & Wellbeing Day – Wednesday 18th April 2018 »

We couldn’t have picked a better day to run our 2nd annual Health and Wellbeing day at Wilton as the sun finally arriv


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Oneschool language of learning »

The OneSchool Way ‚Äď How OneSchool communicates the learning journey   Describing what you have learned and how we


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Current vacancies at Wilton Campus »

Wilton is an excellent place to start or to further a teacher’s professional career. Professional development is p


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Years 10-13 Rugby event, Tidworth – Friday 23rd March 2018 »

On Friday 23rd March, year 10-13 boys wrapped up their rugby season by playing an exhibition rugby match at Tidworth. Th


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Enrichment – Art for relaxation – Wednesday 21st March 2018 »

During the second session of Art for Relaxation we were lucky to have beautiful sunshine which allowed some of the stude


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Year 7 bake rock buns – Wednesday 14th March 2018 »

Year 7 have been working on a food theme this term and, as part of this unit, they were in the kitchen on Wednesday tryi


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Year 8 visit the Mary Rose, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – Thursday 15th March 2018 »

Year 8 continued to develop their understanding of Tudor times with a visit to the Mary Rose in Portsmouth yesterday. Th


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Years 4 and 7 – Food & Art »

In their theme of food, Year 4 students studied the work of artists who have used food and art, following which they


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Enrichment afternoon – Wednesday 14th March 2018 »

Now that the Business Challenge, that was set at the beginning of term, has finished we have moved to a health and well-

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