27 Jan

  • By wendydodds

Year 7 students enjoyed discussing and peer assessing the output of each other’s project which they’d chosen (from the following list) to work on over the winter holidays. E Praise points will be awarded for the best designs.

I’m the King of the Castle!
Make a model castle.  You can choose from the Castle designs you have studied; Motte and Bailey, Keep or Concentric design.
Your castle can be made out of any material – including cake!
Come and Visit Corfe!
Create a guide book to Corfe Castle as it was in Medieval Times.  You need to research Corfe Castle (what type of castle it was and how it was used) and then write a guide book as if you were a Medieval visitor.
Natty Knight
Get your sewing kit out and create an outfit for a medieval Knight. It can be their casual attire, or their fighting wear.    You can draw an outfit to give you ideas but you need to produce one made out of material.
Hurrah for Heraldry!
Design and make your own Medieval shield with your family emblem on it.
Needs to be a VERY detailed drawing with annotations showing what each part of the shield represents OR an actual shield made with cardboard/wood etc
What a Weapon!

Make a 3D model of a medieval weapon that was used to attack or defend a castle.   Could be trebuchet, battering ram, crossbow, catapult or ladder.

Make up your own mind!
Come up with your own mini project of your choice based on Medieval castles.   Make sure you check with your teacher that your idea is suitable.