10 Feb

  • By wendydodds

Such a fantastic event, we felt we had to share a few highlights with you:

Friday 10th saw the first inter-Campus, combined-inter-house sports tournaments in football and netball between Hindhead and Wilton Campuses. Year 12 & 13 boys and girls all made their way down to the excellent sports facilities at Wide Lane Sports Centre in Southampton. Despite the sub-zero temperatures and the imminent threat of snow, this student lead tournament was a resounding success.

The football tournament was full of excellent football, goals, sportsmanship and competitiveness. All students were a credit to their respective schools, both in behaviour and sporting ability. The teams were split into the three houses (Raiders, Troopers and Warriors) with each house team having a mix of players from the two campuses. The matches were very evenly fought, with most games being decided by the odd goal either way.

A special mention to George Aris (Wilton) and Brodie Hollands (Hindhead) who were voted ‘players of the tournament’ by the member of staff from the other campus.

The Netball tournament was equally excellent and the results were very close. The girls played each match with great commitment and enthusiasm and the teamwork was exemplary. Raiders were the overall winners and the second and third place were down to goal difference with only 1 goal difference! Congratulations to all the girls and particularly to Millie Fennell and Cassandra for having been chosen’players of the tournament’.

We sincerely hope this will be the first of many meetings and we can begin to create a friendly yet competitive link between our two schools.