13 Nov

  • By wendydodds

On Thursday 9th November Mila Moodie, Dominique Beesley, Ricardo Barter and Kester Reynolds ventured down to the Explore Learning Centre at Castlepoint in Bournemouth.  There they, along with some other Focus School UK Campuses, took part in the National Young Mathematicians’ Awards 2017 competition sponsored by NRICH and Cambridge University.  Over 700 schools entered the first round of the competition nationally which took place during the same week at a number of regional sites across the country.

 Our school team competed against two other schools on Thursday, but were in a regional group of a total of 10 schools who were taking part over two days.  Each of the teams were set the same mathematical challenge which they had to solve, as a team, by employing a range of team-working skills.  The challenge was in 3 sections which the students had to decide how to tackle and answer as fully as possible within 40 minutes.  They then had to feedback about their experience at the end of the session.

 Excitedly, Wilton’s team was one of the 5 teams chosen to go through to the regional second round of the competition.  On Wednesday 29th November the students will again travel to the Explore Learning Centre in Bournemouth to take part in a new mathematical challenge/problem along with the 4 other teams.  Should they be the best performing team on this occasion they will progress to the national final held at Cambridge University.

We wish them well!

Mrs Hunjan