10 Nov

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The sun was shining on Friday 10th November as a select group of Wilton students made the journey to South Wilts sports ground, to join with Plymouth Campus in a cross-campus house football and hockey tournament. Plymouth arrived in good time and Wilton’s sports leaders; Callum Barry, Riley Humphreys and Clayton Barry for the boys and Millie Fennell, Ketsia Gardner and Iola Fidler for the girls consulted with Plymouth’s house captains in order to sort out positions, formation and a warm up for their combined house teams.


Yellow Raiders – 2 vs Green Warriors – 1:

In the first game Yellow Raiders vs Green Warriors got off to a flying start as Wade Browning made a pin point pass across the top of the box to Riley Humphreys who fired in the first goal for the Raiders. Warriors continued to work hard in midfield with stellar play from the Plymouth boys, Wyatt Tuffin and Dellan Long but were constantly denied by a tough defence led by Jayden Sellars. Both sides continued to press and the Warriors found a gap with a quick equaliser late in the first half. In the second half, chances were had on both sides but some clever build up play by George Aris allowed Riley Humphreys to break free again and he was awarded a penalty due to the physical play of the Warriors in the box. Riley then calmly made sure the penalty was put away to give the Raiders the lead and the game.

Red Troopers – 3 vs Green Warriors – 1:

The Warriors seemed a little weary after their first game but had a number of chances throughout and had some great build up play by the Plymouth boys. However, it was the Troopers that struck first using their speed on the break as Kent Diffey scored an easy goal. The Warriors equalised with a great strike from Plymouths Tommy Scott as we entered the second half at 1-1.

The second half was a little scrappy but Troopers defended well led by Levi Guest and another break came Troopers way with a great goal by Callum Barry. This was quickly followed by Kent Diffey scoring his second goal to put the game out of reach for the Green Warriors, as the pace of the Red Troopers proved too much.

Yellow Raiders – 1 (7) vs Red Troopers 1 (6) (Penalties):

The final game was an exciting match as the winner of this game would be the overall tournament winner. The ball was held in midfield for a lot of the game but, as both teams pushed out to the wings, the game opened up. Chances were missed by both teams to take the lead, until Troopers were unlucky to have a hand ball in the box resulting in a penalty. The penalty was then easily put away by talisman Riley Humphreys and the Raiders took the lead. The Trooper’s heads had initially dropped but with some outstanding goal keeping, their heads picked up and they kept pressing, with Alfie Browning moving the ball forward. They were eventually rewarded by a spectacular last minute top corner goal by Callum Barry to send the game into penalties. Players on both teams remained calm when taking penalties, with the majority of the players finding the bottom corners of the goal, until Troy Diffey made a save on penalty number 7 to give Yellow Raiders the overall victory.


Wilton’s female Sports Leaders; Millie, Ketsia and Iola, were equally excited to coordinate with their Plymouth team-mates, warm-up and get their matches underway. They were eager to play a competitive match on a full-size pitch and quick surface.

Green Warriors vs Yellow Raiders:

Both teams took some time to adjust to the different style of play that a full-sized pitch and a quick, but damp surface allowed. Ella Fennell was quick to take advantage of the space out on the right wing, but the damp surface proved slippery underfoot and she performed some impressive slides! Once she got to grips with the surface, Ella made a great attacking run in to the circle that resulted in a well-placed, and successful shot on goal. Yellow Raiders grew in to the game and strong positional play up front resulted in a goal from Farley Suckling. Both goalies (Annabelle Steedman, Warriors and Antonia Morton, Raiders) kept the score tight. Raiders took the lead with a great goal from Ketsia Gardner. Unfortunately they also let in a last minute own goal to ensure the result was a draw.

Green Warriors vs Red Troopers:

Troopers were eagerly completing their warm-up routine on the side while watching the opening match. They were enthusiastic to attack from the first whistle, and proved to have a challenging forward and mid-field combination (Nicole, Zeta Diffey, Millie Fennell and Poppy) to contain. Warriors defence, in particular Iola Fidler and Trixie Reynolds, were kept busy clearing the ball from their circle. Elicia Dible showed her quick reflexes and fearlessness with a great save for Troopers. Unfortunately for Warriors, Troopers were given too many opportunities to develop their penalty corner. A well-worked ball in resulted in a great finish from the near post by Nicole.

Yellow Raiders vs Red Troopers:

Raiders were eager to improve on their earlier draw and keep themselves in the running to be victorious in the tournament. Unfortunately this match saw Raiders forced to defend for the vast majority, with Nicole, Zeta Diffey, Millie Fennell and Poppy controlling the play and keeping the ball close to their goal. Antonia made a number of great saves, however she could not keep out a powerful shot from Poppy. Elicia kept a clean sheet again to ensure that Red Troopers were victorious.

Football (Boys)

1st  Yellow Raiders

2nd  Red Troopers

3rd  Green Warriors

Hockey (Girls)

1st  Red Troopers

2nd  Yellow Raiders

3rd  Green Warriors

 Players of the game:

Wilton – Jayden Sellars

Plymouth – Alfie Furze

Players of the game:

Wilton – Elicia Dible

Plymouth – TBC

Football and Hockey combined:
 1st  Red Troopers
 2nd  Yellow Raiders
 3rd  Green Warriors

Mr Colley & Miss Powell – PE Teachers