24 May

  • By suzannefairbairn

On Tuesday this week, we (Year 8) taught the Year 3 & 4 students. We had many lessons before hand to prepare and were inspired by our school trip to Roche Court Sculpture Park.

Our group went up to Grovely Woods, for most of the day, with Mrs Stevens and Miss Bolton looking over us. In the morning, we showed the Year 3 and 4 students our sculpture park. We had to make a plaque telling everyone what our sculpture was, who made it, what it was made out of and what inspired us to make it. After that we had to teach our students some lessons.

For our maths lesson, we had a flipped learning video to show them about co-ordinates. Then, they had to work through a series of levels; orientate, navigate and another one for explore.

For our art lesson, we had made a booklet of step-by-step instructions on how to draw nature. They chose one of them (orientate, navigate & explore). Then explored the textures on trees and the bark. Lastly, we blindfolded them and they had to describe what they were feeling in adjectives. They seemed to really enjoy it and we think we had a few artists in our group!

For our English lesson, we showed them a few examples of shape poems. They then had to make a shape poem. They could either write about something that they knew about or they could write about something in Grovely Woods which they could use their five senses (apart from taste) to go and explore Grovely Woods.

Last of all was the team-building challenge. For this, we split up our group into 2 teams and both of them had a group of Year 8s to help them. They had to create a den where all of their group could fit in (apart from the Year 8s). Both teams completed the success criteria and they looked brilliant at the end!

We then had to trek back down from Grovely Woods but it was worth the fun!