21 Aug

  • By wilton

Exciting GCSE and A-Level results achieved by Wilton students in summer 2014 …. read on for details ….


Year 13 The grades attained by Year 13 were in line with teacher expectation and predictions. 90% of the grades obtained by students were pass grades with 54% of the grades being the top A – B grades. The students who worked hard attained grades that reflected their effort. There were some commendable performances by some students, with one student attaining an amazing 5 A2 levels, One student attained 5 A2 levels and one AS level.


Year 12 The Year 12 AS results were encouraging. 67% of the grades attained were pass grades.


Year 11 The G.C.S.E.  results were  outstanding and probably the best we have attained to date at Wilton Campus, 95% of students attained 5+ G.C.S.E. 95% of students attained 5 + G.C.S.E passes including English Language. 83% of students attained 5 + G.C.S.E. passes including English Maths and a Science. 87% of students attained 5+ G.C.S.E. passes including one Science and Maths. All subject departments attained a positive ‘Value Added’ with a mean score of 1 which means through the hard work of the teachers and students all students on average gained a grade above their baseline predictions. There were some outstanding performances with students performing well above  their baseline predictions. There are so many students that have done exceptionally well. Nearly half  the grades obtained (47%) were the top A* or A Grades. 49% of the students obtained 10 or more G.C.S.E.  passes, with 74% of the students gaining 9 or more passes. One student attaining a total of 38 grades above her baseline CATS predictions. One boy obtained 8 A* grades and 2 A grades and one of the female student obtained 4 A* grades and 7 A grades.


Year 10 We were also pleased with the Science A results sat by Year 10 this year. All the students that were entered for the exam passed.