28 Apr

  • By wendydodds

“Well, you were right about the school!!!! Except that, it’s NOT very good – BUT excellent!!!

The pupils are really well behaved, they listen and engage fully with the work. I can’t imagine a nicer school to work in…..

 I had the last period free and spent that reading through some of the work that they had done previously for/with their class teacher…… When I read the first one it was excellent…..and I made a note of the pupils name, and added a few comments on my notepad.

 I then read the next one, noted the name, made some comments again….. Next, the third one, then the fourth…..and at that point the penny dropped…..and I realised that all of them were like that!

 …. I stopped the list as all the feedback would have been the same…..all of it was amazingly good….all of it was excellent.

 What a fantastic school. It really was a privilege to be there.”

Comments received by the agency of a current supply teacher working at Wilton Campus – April 2017