10 Nov

  • By wendydodds

On the 7th November a combined Year 12 and 13 geography group visited the Jurassic Coast in order to study sediment cells, concordant coasts and a high energy coastal system.

Under the expert tuition of Ben, the course leader, students measured the amount of long-shore drift at Abbotsbury and Portland as well as generated beach profile data using ranging poles, tapes and clinometers. Surprisingly, when beach material was studied, the larger particles were found at Portland which is the opposite of what one would expect.

Afternoon studies were conducted at Durdle Dor and Lulworth Cove. These highlighted various stages in the evolution of the coast and the role of folding in producing this awesome scenery. Students were able to undertake random sampling of beach material in contrasting coves and note the effect of exposure to the prevailing wind and fetch on the abrasion process.

We were blessed with sunny weather which led to a very pleasant day for everyone despite the biting wind. Thanks are due to Mr Peter Morton for driving all day and Leeson House for running an inspiring and educational visit.

lulworth-cove-7th-nov-2016 lulworth-cove-1-7th-nov-2016 lulworth-cove-2-7th-nov-2016