04 Jul

  • By wendydodds

Wilton Campus’ end of year cricket match took place on Tuesday 3rd July for year 11-13 students to showcase their skills at South Wilts Cricket ground. This year, we also introduced a year 7-10 match on the second pitch, as students across all years have been working hard to improve their skills in order to be selected for this event. Once again, we followed the 20-20 format and were fortunate with the weather. Both pitches were in great condition and as usual proved to be a bowlers wicket.

11-13s Game:
Team captain, Callum Barry, won the toss for team 2 and opted to bowl, with Clayton Barry opening with pace against team 1’s captain Riley Humphreys and Connor Dible. Riley was fortunate not to fall early with a missed catch and from that point he showed confidence at the crease, Connor however was caught off a Troy Diffey bowl after 5 runs. Wade Browning (9 runs), Fletcher Long (7 runs) and Matt Pester (5 runs) quickly followed, thanks to excellent bowling by Callum and Clayton Barry, which left team 2 sitting in pole position. However, Riley Humphreys (37 runs) continued to chip away until he was caught off a Wesley Cooper bowl. Zack Aris managed to steady things down with 17 runs before being run out and Wyatt Tuffin came in at number 7, looked confident but was taken by a spectacular, but controversial, catch by Troy Diffey off a George Aris delivery. Levi Guest had nothing to lose and showed he was handy with a bat going for 18 before George Aris dismissed him, leaving team 2 chasing a reasonable 137 for 8.

Callum Barry and Zac Tallamy opened the batting for team 2 but faced an onslaught of pace bowling from Wade Browning. Callum (10 runs) and Zac (18 runs) stuck with it and showed their skills with a bat, before Levi Guest found his rhythm and took both key wickets. George Aris (28 runs) worked hard at number 3 to up the run rate but his partners came and went quickly; Clayton Barry (8 runs) and Dellan Long (2 runs) thanks to some outstanding bowling by Wyatt Tuffin, who also managed to finally take George Aris. Wesley Cooper, Troy Diffey and Rhys Barter all fell to an on form Levi Guest and Riley Humphreys bowled Yorke Browning and Alfie Browning leaving Ernie Cooper scratching his head at 99 all out leaving team 1 victorious.

Bowler of the Game: Wyatt Tuffin – Will receive a OneSchool award
Batsman of the game: Riley Humphreys – Will receive a OneSchool award
Special mention for Levi Guest’s performance – Will receive a OneSchool award

A special thank you goes out to Justin Pavey, Jack Taylor and Jayden Sellars for scoring – they will receive OneSchool awards for their effort and thank you to Mr James for being a highly competent second umpire.

7-10s game:
Another great game was in progress on the second pitch as Eldon Diffey’s team 1 took on Riley Dible’s team 2. Standout players in team 1 were Jackson Barter (13 runs), Bertie Morrish (15 runs) and Leo Brown (4 wickets). Standout players for team 2 were Jem Aris (18 runs and 2 wickets), Willoughby Long (20 runs), Declan Roy (11 runs) and Riley Dible (3 wickets).

Team 2 were victorious with 72 all out compared to team 1’s 50 all out.
Bowler of the game: Leo Brown – Will receive an OneSchool award
Batsman of the game: Willoughby Long – Will receive an OneSchool award

Special thank you to Mr Amos and Jensen Ball for umpiring – Jensen will receive a OneSchool award for his efforts.

Mr Colley