17 Oct

  • By wendydodds

img_7070img_7066 img_7067 img_7069 img_7072 img_7073 img_7080 img_7081On Friday 14th October 2016, our year (Year 8) went to the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth to study how the Mary Rose could have sunk and to learn a bit about what the ship and her crew were like. Mrs Taylor, Mrs Stone and Mr Talbot-Jones came with us and a few mums as well.

When we were all settled down, we were introduced to the lady who was going to take us for the workshop. Her name was Diane. Throughout the workshop we learnt more about the sinking of the Mary Rose and then experimented ourselves on how it could have sunk. Even now no one knows how she sunk so we were investigating only one of those theories. In groups of three or four we tested various ways that too much weight could have affected the ship.

Then we all worked together to fill a model ship with weights without it tipping over. We finally got there and then it was time to look around the museum.

The museum was very interesting and it had all sorts of information about the Mary Rose. The museum is built around the wreck of the Mary Rose and you can see it wherever you are in the building. There were five hundred men on the ship when it went down and only 37 survived. It was sunk in the Battle of the Solent, with King Henry VIII looking on. There were many parts of human skeletons that they had found, but the most intact was that of an archer. There was even a skeleton of a dog, a terrier mixed with a whippet, which they found on board! It was a young male called Hutch! Also on display were cannons, bows and arrows, shoes, gun shields, cauldrons, wooden bowls, a crow’s nest and many other artefacts from the Mary Rose.

After that, we had half an hour for lunch and to stretch our legs before we went back inside for a second workshop. In the workshop we looked in more detail at the sinking of the Mary Rose and we sorted some copies of artefacts into groups of who they might have belonged to. We also looked at some nit combs that still had remains of nits on from the crew of the Mary Rose. Disgusting!

All too soon it was time to go home. We said thank you to the ladies that had helped us and made our way to the buses and home.

We would all like to say a very big Thank You to all the teachers and mums who came with us and made the trip happen. We all enjoyed the day very much and look forward to future trips. Thank You Mrs Taylor especially!

Brianna Matley