09 Sep

  • By wendydodds

Congratulations to all of our students who sat external public examinations this year. You have worked with distinction and you should be proud of your achievements, we are certainly very proud of you.

Below is a summary of the results, starting with the SATs tests from May and ending with the A Level results. This is reflective of the journey taken in an ‘All Through’ school. On behalf of everybody at Wilton I would like to extend our best wishes to all of our 2015/16 Year 13 cohort. We wish you every success and happiness in your futures.

SATS Results

National Average Total Wilton Yeovil
53% 64% 67% 67% meeting National Standard across all
66% 80% 84% 67% meeting NS Reading
74% 68% 68% 67% meeting NS Writing
72% 72% 79% 50% meeting NS SPAG
70% 72% 68% 83% meeting NS Maths
Not released 96% 95% 100% meeting NS Science

GCSE Results

Our GCSE results are amongst the strongest the school has ever achieved, congratulations to all of our Year 11 students. You have flown the flag for Wilton in the most impressive way. To give you some idea of your achievement, it has outperformed all but the Grammar and selective private schools locally. You have also outperformed OfSTED rated outstanding state comprehensive schools. Well done!

Measure ALL Boys Girls National Average
 5A*-C EM  90.3%  91.6%  88.8%  57%
 3A*A 52.3%  58.3%  44.4%  N/A
 A*A Entries  43.3% N/A
 B+ Entries  73.2%  N/A

A Level Attainment

100% pass rate at A2! That is an excellent achievement by our Year 13 students, congratulations to all of you.

Average point score per A level entry 223.66
Average point score per A level entry expressed as a grade C
Average point score per A level student (full-time equivalent) 574.01
% of A level students achieving at least 3 A levels at A*-E 42.9%
% of A level students achieving at least 2 A levels at A*-E 71.4%
% of A level students achieving at least 1 A levels at A*-E 95.2%
% of A level students achieving 3 A levels at grades AAB or higher (in at least 2 facilitating subjects) 0.0%