25 Jan

  • By wendydodds

On Friday 20th January, Year 11 history class visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton. The day began with a workshop which included an educational and informative lesson on the Battle of Britain in 1940. There was a PowerPoint presentation and then we moved around the room in small groups, filling in pages from a question booklet on the Battle of Britain. As we moved from table to table, we were able to view real artefacts and primary sources, further educating us about the Battle of Britain and the people who were affected by this battle.

Once this workshop was over, we had a short break before we separated into two groups and were taken around the museum by guides who taught us about the aeroplanes and other models in the museum. During this tour, we virtually experienced what it would be like to fly in a helicopter onto an aircraft carrier and then what it would be like on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

There was also a Concorde in the museum which we were able to board and explore. This was extremely fascinating and we were able to learn about things that possibly wouldn’t be taught in any curriculum at school.

After the guided tour we had lunch and afterwards had an hour to explore the museum again on our own.

It was a very enlightening day and we came away with an extensive knowledge on aeroplanes and the Battle of Britain.

Ardenne Ball