24 Aug

  • By wilton

Congratulations Year 11 on an excellent set of GCSE results!


Congratulations to Year 11 on a very good set of GCSE results.  This year has seen the introduction of new content heavy examinations and the first use of the new 1-9 grades to assess student outcomes in English and Maths.


A level 4 grade is now considered the standard pass or Grade C.

A level 5 grade is considered a harder good pass and incorporates the top of the old C grade and the bottom of the old B grade.

Level 6 is equivalent to a high B

Level 7 is an A

Levels 8&9 are equivalent to A* and A**. Grade 9 represents exceptional achievement in that subject.


At the standard pass, Level 4+, I am delighted to say that both English and Maths achieved 100% pass rates. At level 5+ the pass rate was 81.5%.


Comparing this year with previous years on the old 5A*- C grades including English and Maths I am delighted to say the school would have achieved 95.5%


Particular congratulations go to:

Lucinda Taylor for achieving a Grade 9 in English Literature

Wesley Cooper for achieving a Grade 9 in Maths

Rhys Barter who achieved an 8, 4A*s, 3As and two 7s (5A*, 5As)

Yorke Browning achieved an 8, 3A*s, 3 As, three 7s, 1B (4A*s, 6As, 1B)

Lucinda Taylor achieved an 9, 1A*, two 7s, 5As, 1B, (1A**,1A*, 7As, 1B)

Orella Diffey achieved an 8, 1A*, one 7, 5As, 1B, one 5, (2A*s, 6As, 1B, 1B/C)


Mr McShane