23 Aug

  • By wilton

Today our Year 11 students have received their examination results, congratulations to all of them on achieving an excellent profile of results set out below.  These results have achieved, against the context of new GCSEs, a new grading system which is set out below and significantly more challenging examinations. This year students have not had coursework or modules to support their learning, the result is solely based on the terminal examinations sat in June. These changes have presented considerable challenge to students and staff alike and I am sure you would agree they have risen to those with aplomb.

Outstanding Achievement

Special recognition needs to go to Zack Aris for a truly exceptional set of results including achieving a grade 9 in Science.

Congratulations to Ebony Gardiner who, having started at Wilton last September, undertook the challenge of doing her Spanish GCSE in one year and achieved a Grade 9

Profile of Wilton Campus GCSE results 2018

Headline GCSE Grades 5 GCSE    Grade 4+ 5GCSE          Grade 5+ 8 GCSE Grade 4+ 8 GCSE Grade 5+
93.6% 72% 64.8% 43.2%
Total exams taken 227 Grade 5+ Grade 4+
64.4% 83.2%

Old GCSE grades Vs. new GCSE grades


New Grade Old Grade
9 No equivalent but A**
8 A*
7 A
6 B
5 C+
4 C
3 D
2 E
1 F