22 Aug

  • By wilton

Congratulations to our Year 11 students on their GCSE results. This is the second year of the new GCSE grading system and all examinations being done at the end of the course. This is a challenging test for students and they have risen to that challenge. There have been some outstanding performances with the majority of students achieving very good results. Every student has secured at least one 5.

As with every year students achieve a variety of grades, and whilst we recognise some excellent performances we recognise the hard work put in by all our students. The most important thing is they know they have done their individual best, nobody can ask more.


To remind you of the grading system:

9 = A*+ designed to capture the very highest performance

8 = High A A*

7= A

6 = High B

5 = C/B

4 = Low to middle C

3 = D

2 = E

1 = G/F

U = Ungraded

This year 95.6 % of students achieved grade 4 or better in English and Science and 87% in Maths. 70% scored Level 5 or better in English 82.6% in Science and 56.5% in Maths.

82.6% of students gained at least 5 grade 4s or better including English and Maths. 56.5% gained at least 5 Level 5 grades or better including English and Maths. 68% of students achieved at least 8 grades at grade 4 or above and 44% gained at least 8 grades at level 5 and above.

Highest Performing Students

This year our highest performing student achieved a total of five grade nines, the most we have had since the grade was introduced two years ago. This is an outstanding achievement for Natalie Beesley who achieved her 9s in Maths, Core and Additional Science, French and Food Technology. Harrison Brown also achieved a 9 grade for Geography. These grades are awarded to students in the top 2% nationally of the subject taken so represents a phenomenal performance in each of those subjects.

Other noteworthy performances include:

Natalie Beesley  5×9  1×8   1×7   1×6

Harrison Brown 1×9   1×8   3×7   1×5   1×4

Zeta Diffey  1×8  5×6  3×5

Haydin Gibbs  8×6  1×4

Karina Sellars  3×7  4×6  1×4

Attainment 8 and Progress 8

There are two DfE measures of the whole school performance Attainment 8 and Progress 8.

Attainment 8 is the average GCSE score for all students which this year is 54.3 up slightly on last year.

Progress 8 is more complicated. This is a measure of the progress students have made in the school from KS2. This is plus or minus from zero which is the national average progress for all students in all schools.  A negative score means below national average and a plus score means we are above the national average. We cannot accurately give a Progress 8 score at this point but using 2018 national data we predict a positive score above 0. Unofficially we predict this score to be about +0.5.