03 May

  • By saritadonald

The Year 6 girls (Wilton and Yeovil), under the guidance of the Geography teacher, Mrs McGuiggan, have spent two days carrying out field work in Wilton. They have carried out a number of surveys including: a questionnaire, land use survey, traffic and pedestrian counts and an environmental quality index.  All of these are geographical terms that the girls are now familiar with and understand.  The aim of the study was to answer the question – “What kind of settlement is Wilton?”

Having collected the data, the girls analysed it and with the help of some Year 10 students, turned their findings into a display.  What was the conclusion? What kind of settlement is Wilton?  Once the Year 6 girls have written their own reports this information will be released! P1070823 P1070815 P1070813 P1070796 P1070795 P1070794 P1070802