28 Sep

  • By wendydodds

Sports Day 2015 headerWe’d like to share with you a testimonial recently received from someone who taught children on the Wilton Campus earlier this year and which provides a glimpse of the special environment in which the children here learn:

Dear Mr McShane,

As you are new to the Wilton Campus you may be unaware but I taught PE to your girls and primary children up until March this year. Before I left the sixth form girls invited me back to attend sports day, which I did and it was great!

Although leaving Planet Education was my choice and therefore I was unable to teach your children any more, seeing them on Monday reminded me all over again why your children and your school is so great. Whether your pupils choose to believe it or not, they are some of the most incredible sports men and women I have seen across their age groups, as I believe was shown on Monday and will be shown when you compete on a global level next academic year. However, this in itself is not why your school, to me, is so great. Being a great sports person takes more than ability, it takes character and your students have it in abundance. Over the time I spent getting to know the Wilton students I have been humbled, amazed, impressed, humoured by their endearing personalities and inspired by their kindness not only towards me but towards each other. Many of my lessons included what I would call a “hidden gem”, a moment no matter how small would astound me. Seeing children flourish when working as a team, work hard to persevere to better themselves, supporting a teammate and friend when they are in need of encouragement and the most common one was seeing someone achieve something they thought they couldn’t simply by believing in themselves that tiny bit more. As well as this the love and respect they have for each other is heart-warming to say the least. I will look back on my time at your school as one of the highlights of my career. I may have been employed to teach your children but the lessons your children have taught me are ones that I will remember for as long as I can.

Every child I taught and even those I didn’t made me feel a part of your school and the community it creates. Your children are incredible and you, your staff and their parents should be so proud of the people they have become and will become in the future.

Yours Faithfully,

Miss Harris