27 Jan

  • By wendydodds

As part of enrichment today, Gemma Nightingale and Hazel Roberts, together with Hazel’s guide dog Dell, visited school to speak with students and enlighten them on the valuable work of the charity, which provides mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people. It also campaigns for the rights of people with visual impairment, educates the public about eye care and funds eye disease research.

“During the spring term of the last academic year, myself, Carwyn Holmes and Hiram Browning were set a challenge to raise some money for a chosen charity. We thought about which charity to do and couldn’t really chose one. We had a presentation from Guide Dogs for the Blind in March and were amazed by what this charity does for blind people and decided to do this for our charity. We then had to think of a way of raising some money. We struck upon the idea of doing a sponsored bike ride for 20 miles from Cheesefoot Head to Butser Hill (the South Downs Way). Oscar (Tuffin) also joined us in our fundraising.

We set ourselves an overall target of £200 and set about collecting sponsors. We managed to reach our overall target of £200 within the first 2 weeks of starting collecting sponsors. ‎ We carried on collecting sponsors right up till the last minute and we collected over £1000 worth of sponsors.

After the bike ride we collected our sponsor money which totalled £800. We wrote out a cheque for £800 to Guide Dogs for the Blind and presented this to them in the assembly this week.”

Guy Tuffin

“On Wednesday, we had a very interesting assembly from Gemma, Hazel and her guide dog Dell from Guide Dogs for the Blind. We were all mesmerised when Hazel told us the story of how she woke up one morning and was totally blind. Nothing could be done to help her condition. She then expressed how Dell helps her in her everyday life. For example, she explained that if she would like a coffee she only has to say to Dell “Costa” and he will guide her to Costa and she can have her coffee. If she needs to visit the bank she says “find the black horse” and Dell will direct her to the bank.

It was a very inspirational assembly which was enjoyed by everyone.”

Carwyn Holmes