28 Jun

  • By wendydodds

Many thanks to Denise from Quorn who embellished our health and well-being day this Wednesday with a wonderful variety of tasty nutritious dishes freshly prepared throughout the day, including:

  • Spicy lime/Quorn chicken style wraps
  • Quorn Chilli-non-Carne made with veggie-mince
  • Meatball and spicy mayonnaise wraps
  • Paella with Quorn sausage and chicken
  • Quorn sausage rolls
  • Spicy Quorn chicken tikka masala with chick peas and spinach.

Our students impressed Denise with their polite and intelligent questions and a healthy willingness to try new dishes. We engaged in many interesting topics of discussion including the nutritional value of Quorn, (Quorn being high in protein and fibre and low on fat). Denise also mentioned the eco-friendly credentials of Quorn, (Quorn having a very much lower carbon footprint than meat products).

We also talked about the need for our planet to find new sustainable alternatives to meat, which takes much time and resources to produce. Meat alone, therefore, cannot realistically sustain our ever-growing world population into the future. Quorn is a kind of fungi which is relatively easy to produce on an industrial scale.

Denise also shared with us that she gets invited to some very interesting places all over the UK, (even prisons!), and added that she very much enjoyed meeting everyone here at Wilton and would be very happy to be invited back in the future if we would like to try some other products from the extensive and ever growing Quorn range.

As a business, Quorn has been far sighted in opting to go out into communities to engage with people and introduce their products and demonstrate how to get the very best out of them. The Quorn business model is in my opinion quite exemplary. (It may surprise you to hear that everything was provided free of charge and I do not have any shares in the Quorn company!) Mr Moss. Who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Mr Moss