05 Jan

  • By wendydodds

The start of the new term kicked off with the first inter-campus house basketball tournament held at Brunel University on Friday 5th January. Wilton Campus students joined with Stoke Poges and Hindhead house teams. The day proved to be highly competitive with girls and boys playing across two courts:

Upper School Boys Final:

In the year 11-13 tournament Red Troopers looked strong and made it to the final beating all teams in the round robin. They were led by great inside play and rebounding by Kent Diffey and some great attacking play and shooting by Zac Dixon. However, it was the Yellow Troopers who triumphed in the final with good team defence, key rebounds and unstoppable drivers to the basket by Stoke Poges players, coupled with some smooth outside shooting from Troy Diffey that led to a convincing victory.

Lower School Boys Final:

The year 7-10 competition was highly entertaining with the Green Warriors facing off against the Yellow Raiders in the final. The Raiders charged ahead with Bertie Morrish leading the way on offense and Eldon Diffey providing high intensity defence. However, Jem Aris and Oscar Tuffin, who had been playing well all tournament, combined to move the ball up the court and put the Raiders under pressure. Tyler Lipscombe then provided the baskets to bring the Warriors back within two points towards the end of the game. It was not to be however, as the Raiders surged ahead in the final minutes for the win and Bertie Morrish was rewarded with player of the tournament for the Yellow Raiders.

Mr Colley

Upper School Girls Final:

Troopers made a strong start to the final; they controlled possession of the ball and had numerous opportunities to score. Zeta Diffey made the most of her opportunities by scoring 8 points for Troopers, making some excellent lay-ups to put her team in a commanding position at the end of the first half. Brittany Wakeford came on at the break for Warriors and changed the completion of the game by scoring 4 baskets, levelling the match. The crowd were excited and were eagerly cheering on both teams as they recognised that there was little time left in the match. Both teams missed opportunities to take the lead, but, with under 10 seconds remaining,.  Zeta showed composure on the ball and made the most of the opportunity given to her. Troopers came out on top, 10 – 8 winners.

Notable Performances in the Rounds:

Farley Suckling showed excellent positional awareness and proved to be a fine leader for Raiders, while Ketsia Gardner demonstrated speed and control carrying the ball for her team. For Warriors, Brittany Wakeford was the highest scorer in all the matches in which she participated while Ella Fennell forced many turnovers. For Troopers, Zeta Diffey made the most of the fast break opportunities given to her and scored some impressive lay-ups, while Kealan Suckling made some impressive shots under pressure.

Upper School Girls Player of the Tournament: Shannon (Hindhead).

Lower School Girls Final:

Raiders were the first to open the scoring in the final with Darcie Suckling scoring a lay-up on a fast break within the first minute of the match. Bronte Suckling continued to be an excellent carriers of the ball for Raiders, using her speed and skills to control the possession for Raiders. At half-time Elicia Dible came on from Troopers, and made the difference, showing great confidence when carrying the ball down the court. She also made the most of her given scoring opportunities, scoring 4 points for her team. Unfortunately it was not enough for Raiders to win, as Zara Rubie made 2 fantastic baskets to ensure that Raiders were 6 – 4 winners.

Notable Performances in the Rounds:

Warriors had an abundance of capable ball carriers in Laurel Brown, Brianna Matley and Nikhhita Dible, but struggled to score enough points. Bronte Suckling proved to be a valuable ball carrier and scoring machine for Raiders, top scoring in one match with 8 points. Troopers had a number of players make valuable contributions to their scoring and Tuscany Diffey proved invaluable in defence, forcing a number of turnovers.

Lower  Girls Player of the Tournament: Bronte Suckling (Wilton).

A brief video clip of some of the girls in action can be viewed here.

Mrs Powell