08 Mar

  • By wendydodds

Twelve Year 9 and 10 students left Wilton with a clear blue sky, sunshine and the warmest weather we have experienced in weeks. We were to discover that Hindhead was not blessed with the same sparkling sky and were met with overcast, cold conditions. Luckily, this did not dampen our runners’ morale.

The runners set off in 4 categories and were rewarded with a few close finishes. The closest race of the day was for the Year 9 boys, with Jackson Barter (23:05) coming an exceptionally close second. The fastest time of the day was recorded in the Year 10 Boys race with Harrison Brown recording a brilliant 20 minutes 27 seconds. The course that the students competed on today was slightly longer, due to the muddy conditions, than the course used for the Year 11-13 event, making Harrison’s time even more impressive. An excellent time of 23:31 was recorded in the same race by Ted Farrant in second place.

All runners put in excellent effort on an exceptionally challenging course.

Year Girls Year 9 Boys Year 10 Girls Year 10 Boys
Laurel Brown 5th 34:05 Jackson Barter 2nd 23:05 Natalie Beesley 7th 42:09 Harrison Brown 1st 20:27
Zara Rubie 7th 37:37 Declan Roy 6th 27:42 Tamzin Morton 15th 47:47 Ted Farrant 2nd 23:31
Lalita Silverthorne 15Th 53:32 Oakley Dixon 14th 37:07 Amelia Potter 49:01 16th Almanzo Barry 8th 29:15

Overall results:

1st: Raiders 156 points

2nd: Warriors 132 points

3rd: Troopers 94 points

Mrs Powell