04 May

  • By wendydodds

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have 2 guest speakers for our Lower School assembly.

The first was Liz Downs, who came to talk to us about the Canine Partners charity and the work they do in training dogs that can assist disabled people in their everyday lives. It was an interesting talk which shared some insight into how difficult the everyday things, such as emptying the washing machine, or going to the shops can be for disabled people, and how the Canine Partner’s dogs can help disabled people re-gain some independence in their lives.

Archie Pester and Larson Rubie from L3R presented a cheque to the charity for the monies they had raised from our Mentor Charity Challenge.

Mr Holmes’s write-up can be read here.

Our second speaker was Jodi Meek who came to speak to the school about the work that the Rapid Relief team does at disasters and other events. Even though many of the children knew about the charity and had been to RRT events, some of the facts and insights that Mr Meek shared surprised everyone!

Courtney Fidler and Harley Tuffin presented a cheque on behalf of L3R for the fundraising they did on the Mentor Charity Challenge.

Thank you to Mr Holmes for organising both speakers.

Miss Dickinson