10 Mar

  • By wendydodds

Wednesday 8th March, saw Wilton hold its second annual Poetry By Heart competition. Inspired by the success of last year, all students from Year 3 to Year 10 were asked to choose and learn a poem, by heart, for a public recital. In the morning the Lower School and Upper School heats took place, with students from Years 3 to 6 performing in front of their peers and years 7 to 10 performing in front of theirs. For each year group there was a first, second, and third place prize on offer and a place in the afternoon’s Grand Final! A particularly challenging prospect as the Grand Final took place in front of the WHOLE school from Year 3 to 13.

Huge praise and appreciation goes to all the Wilton students for their part, the day was a magnificent success and it was inspiring, heart-warming, thrilling and encouraging to see so many of our students embrace the experience. For many they did not just recite their poem, they brought it to life!

Many of our students had serious fun learning poems and sharing them and we hope that as well as the sense of achievement and accomplishment gained, that all our students also developed positive attitudes to reading. By preparing poems to read aloud and to perform, by showing understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action students at Wilton certainly transformed how I engage with, feel about and understand poetry.

Imagine this: teachers at Wilton helped to organise a contest so that their students could share their poetry learning accomplishments.

Imagine this: in our school every mentor group, every student in Years 3-10 were challenged to give it a go; all 260 of our students getting at least a taste of some differently flavoured words in their mouths; getting a chance to become a champion in something, in which they had no idea they were good!

After the event several of our students shared their thoughts:

‘It was just quite nerve-wracking getting up there first, but once it was all over I was glad that I had done it, and I really did enjoy it.’

‘Take your time. Because it’s your time – make the most of it, don’t rush it, enjoy it. If you need to take a pause, take a pause – breathe, don’t rush and let your nerves get the better of you.’

‘When you’re working on the recital of a poem, you’re always in a team of two: there’s you and there’s the poem, and the poem really has to be its own stage directions – everything comes from inside that. You just have to find a way not to get in its way.”

So, to the winners:

In the Heats:

  3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1st Fergus Butcher Yannis Mitchell Romy Sellars Flyn Askew Fenn Browning Ottilie Moffat Tigerlilly Farrant Trixie Reynolds
2nd Gene Browning Kendon Beesley Poppy Farrant Bjorn Woodfield Calvina Roy JemAris Jenson Ball Carwyn Holmes
3rd Jack Pavey Alberta Browning Consuela Askew Fern Browning Harry Diffey Oscar Tuffin Sheridan Gardner Ernie Cooper

And in the Grand Final:

1st Romy Sellars 91 points Yr. 5
1st Jem Aris 91 points Yr. 8
2nd Flyn Askew 87 points Yr. 6
3rd Bjorn Woodfield 86 points Yr. 6