23 Sep

  • By wendydodds

On Wednesday Year 11 students went to Lyndhurst and Oberwater (a rural area on the Rhinefield Road) in the New Forest in order to collect primary data for their Controlled Assessment. Our hypothesis is ‘That tourists have different positive and negative effects on urban and rural areas in the New Forest National Park.’ To prove or disprove this students studied traffic, numbers of people, parking, litter and environmental quality in both locations. They also interviewed people to find out their residential area and their opinion on tourism. Students also compiled a personal survey which ranged from interviewing businesspersons to seeing how long traffic was delayed in Lyndhurst due to congestion. The rain stayed away, the behaviour was excellent and a good time was had by all especially the owner of the Lyndhurst sweet shop! Over the remainder of the term students will be writing up their findings. These will be internally marked and the mark will count for 30% of GCSE. Many thanks to the volunteer bus drivers for their support.