13 Apr

  • By wilton

The OneSchool Way – How OneSchool communicates the learning journey


Describing what you have learned and how well you are understanding something is an abstract concept – put simply, it’s not easy. Phrases like “I don’t get it”, or “I kind of understand it” are not enough to give anyone any gauge on how a student is travelling in their learning.

Enter ‘the OneSchool Way’; our new global language of learning. Over the course of 2017, Teacher Academy Directors and a group of our Regional Principals came together to solve this problem for OneSchool.

What has emerged from that process is our Language of Learning – a new, consistent language staff and students globally can apply to articulate and clarify the learning journey and pinpoint where one is up to on it at any point in time.

“Having a consistent language for our students, teachers and parents is a great step forward for student learning outcomes and equips our teachers to best support students to achieve their learning goals. It has been pleasing to be part of its development and even more pleasing to now see staff and students across the globe beginning to engage with it,” said Teacher Academy Director UK, Gillian McCartney.

Watch the above video to find out more. Teacher Academies in each region are now working with staff to apply the Language of Learning across the globe.