19 Oct

  • By wilton

Globally, OneSchool has partnered with not-for-profit organization NWEA to implement the MAP Growth tool to measure the growth and achievement of our students.

MAP Growth is used in 140 countries, with over 9 million students. The test is adaptive, meaning it is tailored to each student to pinpoint where they are on their learning journey.

The test is conducted three times a year and aims to measure a students’ learning growth over a period of time.

The test has been operating in some regions over the past 12 months and will now be implemented globally throughout OneSchool. The test is not about comparing performance region to region. Our regions differ in their academic calendars and curricula, making such comparisons difficult. In any case, this is not what we believe to be the main benefit of MAP Growth.

The strength of MAP Growth is to empower our teachers with data to help them have tailored learning conversations with individual students and determine what will best assist that student on their learning journey.

Recently, our European region has commenced planning to implement MAP Growth in Europe. This will deliver the same benefits as listed above but also sit alongside programs to support students in Europe in their development in the English language.

See what some of our MAP Growth implementation leads have to say about it and stay tuned for further information. We encourage students and parents to make the most of the MAP Growth program as we believe it will deliver strong educational benefits for our students.