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Years 11-13 Leavers’ Hockey – Thursday 12th July 2018

Year 13 vs Leavers (Score: 3-2) The Leavers took the match against the current Yera 13s seriously, having conducted a fe

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Years 11-13 Leavers’ Cricket – Thursday 12th July 2018

Another perfect day for cricket at South Wilts on Thursday 12th July 2018, with the Wilton boys’ school team vs Wi


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Year 7 – A Victorian Day at Scaplen’s Court – Tuesday 10th July 2018

Last Tuesday, the Year 7 class set off early to Scaplen’s Court in Poole to be fully immersed in Victorian times. Step


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Wilton Campus Sports Day 2018

It was set to be a hot one, with temperatures reaching 29C at Wilton Campus Sports Day on Friday 6th July 2018. Students


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Years 7-13 End of Year Cricket Matches – Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Wilton Campus’ end of year cricket match took place on Tuesday 3rd July for year 11-13 students to showcase their skil

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Years 7-13 End of Year Hockey Matches – Tuesday 3th July 2018

Year 7-10 Girls Match: Team ‘Zara’ V Team ‘Laurel’ (3-3) We were blessed with sunshine, blue skies and a cooling


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Chalke Valley History Festival – Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th June 2018

This week saw four year groups visit the Chalke Valley History Festival over three days in glorious weather. On Tuesday,


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Year 11 – Transition to the 6th Form – Wednesday 27th June 2018

Year 11 were fortunate enough to start their transition into the 6th Form under sunny skies and with the company of the


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Years 11-13 students – Rugby & Rounders – Friday 22nd June 2018

Years 11s-13s were invited to Gloucester campus to take part in a series of house rugby fixtures at their new rugby astr


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Years 11-13 – Cricket – Wednesday 20th June 2018

With cricket season in full swing and year 11 exams finished, the year 11-13s played a practice match for the upcoming c