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Whole school poetry day – Wednesday 13th June 2018 »

Wednesday 13th June was Poetry By Heart Day here at Wilton campus.  For the third year in a row, Ms Easton and I have o


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Head chef visits Wilton Campus – Wednesday 6th June 2018 »

Head chef Harvey Spencer-Smith visited year 12 chef skills and year 10 GCSE food preparation and nutrition this week. 


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Student Leadership Team 2017/18 »

Learn about our Student Leadership Team, comprising George Aris, Ayrton Gardner, Fletcher Long and Annabelle Steedman,


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Lower School Assembly – Thursday 3rd May 2018 »

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have 2 guest speakers for our Lower School assembly. The first was Liz Downs, who cam


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U8G, L2R, L7G and L5Y visit the Wiltshire Air Ambulance HQ – Wednesday 2nd May 2018 »

“The trip to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance HQ was extremely interesting and enjoyed by all. We learnt many things ab


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Year 12 geography students – Lyme Regis & River Cottage – Tuesday 1st May 2018 »

On Tuesday, the Year 12 geographers, together with 2 students from Cottingham Campus, enjoyed one of the few fine days

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Year 4 visit Brownsea Island – Tuesday 1st May 2018 »

On Tuesday, Year 4 caught the ferry to Brownsea Island. We had a fantastic tour guide called Catherine who told us all a


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Year 3 visit The Living Rainforest – Friday 27th April 2018 »

Year 3 went on a trip to The Living Rainforest. We saw lots of animals including snakes, Poison Dart frogs, various bird


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Whole school cross-country event – Wednesday¬†25th April 2018 »

The rescheduled whole school cross country event took place on Wednesday 25th April. Students battled through rain showe


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Year 13 geography field trip – Tuesday 24th April 2018 »

What have a rubber mallet, a tarpaulin, sluice gates and garden spray bottles got in common? The answer is that they wer