15 May

  • By wilton

During 2013-14 Year 13 have enthusiastically run a number of photo competitions which the students and school are delighted to share the exciting winning photos with the school community.

Best Cities Photo

1.  Wayne Magahy

Wayne Magahy Photo

2.  Michelle Suckling

Michelle Suckling Photo

3.  Darby Steedman

Darby Steedman 1

Best Sea Photo

Darby Steedman

Darby Steedman 2

Edward Barry

Ed Barry Photo

Sebastian Steedman

Sebastian Photo

Best Flood Photo

Joe Smith

Joe Smith Flood

Daniel Morrish

Daniel Morrish Photo P1040255

Pam Barter

Pam Barter Photo

Autumn  – Most Colourful Photo

Jodie Fidler

Jodie Fidler Photo

Rose Barter

Rose Barter Photo

Garth Matley

Garth Matley Photo

Autumn – Most Scenic Photo

Elliot Steedman

Elliott Steedman

Yorke Browning

Yorke Browning Photo

Caitlin Rubie

Caitlin Rubie Photo