20 Jun

  • By saritadonald

Year 6 Sketching Trip to Salisbury Cathedral

On Monday 13th June Year 6 went on a sketching trip to Salisbury Cathedral. They were going to have a picnic in the grounds but as the weather was not too good, they had their picnic in the classroom before leaving.

On arrival in the cathedral grounds, everyone found an architectural feature that they liked and set about sketching it. The task was to draw small parts of the structure in great detail rather than trying to sketch the whole building! Some excellent sketches were done which will be on display in due course. Meanwhile, here are some photographs showing how hard the children were working!

DSC02354 DSC02355  DSC02359 DSC02361 DSC02363 DSC02365 DSC02367 DSC02374 DSC02375 DSC02379 DSC02381