15 Jul

  • By saritadonald

This was held on Monday 11th July in Bournemouth.  The event was very well attended by grannies and grandpas, mums and dads, brothers and sisters and many ex-students who took the opportunity to catch up with their old teachers.

The rain stayed away but strong winds made the back straight on track events gruelling and field events tricky.  All school staff had been allocated jobs for the day and performed their duties admirably to ensure that timings were kept to but this was only possible due to the mastermind of organising such a logistical nightmare of an event and that person was Richard Farrant.  The late nights, constant changes and headaches that go into making Sports Day happen cannot be underestimated so a massive thank you goes to Richard.

All competitors approached their events with enthusiasm, commitment and absolute effort and the overall House lead changed hands several times during the day.  Finally after all events had been completed and the crowd had been treated to a special 4 x 100m relay contested by the school’s fastest four, an old boys team comprising of Sheldon and Braden Diplock, Ed Barry and Ed Brown and a guest team comprising of Josh Long, Ed Barry and the Walker brothers from Ireland, it was time to find out the who had won the House Cup.

In true dramatic style, Mr McShane hesitated for a good 10 seconds before announcing that Wardour had been victorious, leading to 100m stretch (opposed to a lap) of honour where the other teams sprayed them with water.

Overall House Points were:
SARUM = 614

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