18 Oct

  • By suzannefairbairn

The middle school here at Salisbury Campus consists of years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and can be found in the tower block. Years 7 and 8 occupy the first floor and years 9 and 10 the second. The tower block was one of the first parts of the school to be completed during phase 1 of the refurbishment and so for our students, it already feels like home.

The new learning spaces are light and airy and have made a real difference to the way students are able to work. They meet their teacher in the studio at the start of the lesson and together plan the session. After planning, students choose where to work: in the studio (if they need one to one teaching or help in a particular area), in the open spaces, independently in the quiet zone or collaboratively in the collaborative zone. Students have access to a screen and a presentation area and can, with the permission of the teacher, share their work with others. The new spaces allow students to  make choices that best suit their learning and enable them to complete work to an increasingly high standard.