27 Apr

  • By saritadonald

On Friday 15 April 2016 the school pleased to welcome His Excellency Bob Dewar, former ambassador to Ethiopia, to the school to talk about the work Oxfam does around the world.  Year 8 and year 9 were given a presentation on the history of the charity and some of the work it does as part of their citizenship lessons and were interested to hear about the range of initiatives and projects that Oxfam actively support.  Mr Dewar then enjoyed a tour around the school and commented on the quality of the work on display and praised the general atmosphere and behaviour that was evident in the school. Following on from this, Mr Dewar gave two more talks to the year 10 geography classes; one on climate change which fitted in with their current work on coastal processes, and the second one on the importance of enabling all children to attend school in order to give them a better start in life.

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