02 Feb

  • By wendydodds


We are delighted to announce some exciting developments regarding opportunities for our students in 2018.We have identified an opportunity to further embed Self-Directed Learning to a level that is not possible under our current timetable. The proposed changes are as follows;

  • Block Periods; the school day will be restructured into 3 periods of 85 mins, rather than 6 periods of 50 mins.
  • Shortening the School Day; School will finish 1 hour earlier, at 2pm.

These developments are our next step towards continually improving the quality of our students’ education. We are utilising the advice and direction of OneSchool Global and international experts, and putting in place development programmes for staff to ensure a smooth transition for students and staff.

So what will the 2018 school day look like?

Time Activity Minutes
08:40 – 08:55 Registration 15
08:55 – 10:20 Period 1 85
10:20 – 10:35 Break 15
10:35 – 12:00 Period 2 85
12:00 – 12:35 Lunch 35
12:35 – 14:00 Period 3 85

The timetable will run on a 2-week cycle – Week A and Week B.


Aspects of these developments are currently being piloted at OneSchool campuses both in NZ and here at Wilton Campus in the UK! Feedback has been positive so far, mirroring the results observed in other international studies.

Music in the school curriculum:
As you know, OneSchool is committed to delivering a learning environment in the UK in line with the OneSchool Global vision. In support of this change to the school day and to make the best possible use of the learning minutes available in a day, it has also been decided to review aspects of the global curriculum.Following this review, music teaching will not be offered as part of the school day with effect from September 2018 as this can be effectively delivered outside of school. Our Music curriculum for Primary students will remain unchanged. There will still be a programme of school performances, with professional support for music in the rehearsal and preparation where needed.Please be assured your campus will contact you over the coming weeks with further details of how this change to music will affect your childrens’ classes and options from September 2018.

Further Information
The short videos below provide further information on what we are doing and why. These videos feature Matt Phillips (Regional Principal), Gillian McCartney (Teacher Academy Director) and Chris McShane (Headteacher – Wilton Campus).
Video: If an hour of learning is lost per day, will results suffer?
Video: Changes to teachers’ planning
Video: Views of students from the Wilton Campus pilot
Video: Is this a cost saving measure?

Next Steps
We will keep you informed as we continue to work through the implementation of these changes. If you have any questions at this point, we would like to hear them so we can answer these in future communications. You can submit your questions by clicking on the link below.
We appreciate your ongoing support and would like to re-assure you of our commitment to this important task of ensuring the protection of our children, and the provision of the best possible education for them.