19 Oct

  • By wilton

As we come to the end of this half term it is a chance to reflect on what has gone well and what needs to be achieved. We have continued to push on in our SDL journey and we are starting to see some excellent outcomes.

Learning is not restricted to the students.  The staff are also on the learning journey and, like the students, are rising to the challenge, none more so than our three new teachers; imagine what it is like for them coming into this school now. They have worked incredibly hard to get to know their students, but on top of this their understanding of SDL, Canvas, Zoom and Mentoring. They have been rewarded for their efforts by the work students have been submitting. They have now seen first-hand how powerful this type of learning can be. To quote Mrs Stevens regarding her Year 7 class “they have presented such high quality work much of it at GCSE standard work or even beyond.  Not only have they presented it incredibly well, they understand and can accurately explain what they have researched.”

A guest to the school saw Year 8 working on their presentations in English and was “blown away” by the quality. Another visitor this week saw Year 13 students working, through peer review, on a topic to find out why it didn’t work out as they thought. They found their mistakes and corrected them. A third guest who observed Year 4 was stunned at the level they were able to work at independently and most importantly how successful they were being by taking this approach.

The staff have worked on flipped learning and more are now using this technique to support students with their learning. We are starting to see more creative flipped learning happen.  Miss Hall’s and Miss Lassetter’s times tables videos are something else!

The students are working on making the best use of their time and are generally planning their work better to make more of the learning time that they have.  However, we will always seek opportunities to make what we do better, but I am delighted to say we have a very strong platform on which to build.

Thank you to all of the students and staff for their positive approach to learning. How do I know it is positive? In this term we have 147 grade 1’s achieved by students in Attitude to Learning and only 14 Level 4’s.