21 Sep

  • By wendydodds

Children at Wilton Campus, enjoyed a challenging day during a visit from the Happy Puzzle Company. Pupils from all years attended workshops (tailored by age and ability), where they took part in a series of puzzles and challenges, all of which looked easy until they actually started trying to solve them!

Working in small teams of five or six, the children had to work together throughout their respective session with the focus on teamwork and sharing. Although it was great to complete the challenges, the real achievement was in not giving up and in working together.

There were lots of brain-teasing puzzles to try – finding out how best to balance penguins on an iceberg, building unusual castles, putting together jigsaws with strange pieces and more! The children soon learnt that the activities worked best when they listened to one another, took turns, and helped each other. Older students were encouraged to think about tactics when tackling the challenges, such as the best place to start with jigsaws and how to arrange the penguins on the iceberg.

Each student used their personal learning and thinking skills, logical reasoning and team skills; all aimed at building their resilience, introducing a growth mind-set and boosting their self-confidence and raising their own expectations of what they can achieve. The students enjoyed the challenges and had lots of fun. They learnt a lot about teamwork, leadership, challenge and not giving up.

Mrs Clark