29 Jun

  • By wendydodds

The day started with an inspirational presentation by Danielle Brown. Danielle spent her entire international career as world number 1, winning gold in two consecutive Paralympic Games and three World Championships. In 2010 she made history by becoming the first disabled athlete to represent England in an able-bodied discipline, and won a gold medal in the team event. Whilst competing at world class level Danielle also attained a first class law degree. Danielle achieved heights that others didn’t even realise were possible until she did it, setting the standards for others and proving that disability is no bar to achieving.

Following Danielle’s presentation, students took part in a multitude of off-timetable sessions and workshops to inspire and promote health and wellbeing including:

 Smoothie Bike Challenge – Which involved students racing each other on exercise bikes which powered a blender that created a healthy smoothie. Students were competing over time and distance.

 Freestyle Football – Jamie Knight a champion freestyle footballer showed his skills with a ball and taught students a variety of close control and trick shots in addition to promoting fitness.

 Southampton FC Football Coach – Ran an engaging session on fitness, health and football skills.

 Hampshire Cricket Coach – Worked closely with the students to improve their technique in bowling and batting.

 Pilates – Girls were treated to a range of strength, muscular endurance and flexibility exercises that they can do at home to improve their fitness.

 Parkour – Taught by competitive free-runners, the Lower school students took turns in various running exercises using gymnastics equipment.

 Hockey – Girls were given the opportunity to improve their hockey skills by a premier league player and England Coach. 

The day went very well and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves – here’s some of their feedback:

Y3 – Fitness games: Very wet but cool and great fun! We had to do high knees over hurdles, carrying a baton and then run back.  First we had to go head first through the first tunnel and then feet first through the second tunnel; that was difficult! The best bit was playing a tagging game, we played Y3 v Y4. You had to get gems (batons) from the other team’s castle (base). There was a line of cones through the middle of the field and you were only allowed to tag them if they were on your side of the field. However, if they managed to get into your castle you couldn’t tag them then either. Y4 won!

Y6 – Southampton Football Club: Awesome because I come from Southampton! We did loads of warm up games, during which Lewis taught us football skills, then did mini matches from 3-aside to 5 and 6-aside. I think I am better at side stepping because of today’s session.

Y7/8 girls – Parkour: Really cool fun, jumping onto beams as well as round and over frames. The man did a back flip from just the floor! Because of having a go at Parkour I would feel more confident at jumping over objects because I know to push with my arms, as well as my legs, to propel me over them.

Mr Colley