13 Jun

  • By wendydodds

Wednesday 13th June was Poetry By Heart Day here at Wilton campus.  For the third year in a row, Ms Easton and I have organised a whole school enrichment opportunity and competition, as we believe learning poetry by heart ignites the imagination.

As was proven beyond doubt, remembering poems for very many of our students creates an immediate pleasure which turns into a lasting delight. All of those who enthusiastically took part absorbed something from the world of poetry, which they then gave back to the world of Wilton with their personalities firmly stamped upon it. Those who became finalists affirmed the naturalness of poetry, and the way it involves familiar processes of breath and recollection and association, while at the same time they delighted in its strangeness and its connection to something transcendent.

All of the prize winners had clearly worked hard, not just in remembering the lines but interpreting the meaning and conveying that in their presentations.  From the comic to the sad and more serious poems, there was an enthusiasm and commitment and our audience was often enthralled.

Well done everyone for personal and mentor group achievements and for earning the following house points:

Raiders                    120
Warriors                   105
Troopers                   32

Also a special congratulations to Yannis Mitchell (Year 5) for being overall school champion; Fergus Butcher (Year 4) for winning second place and Archer Holmes (Year 7) for winning third.  You are real champions!

A full list of the winners can be found here.

Mrs Stone