06 Feb

  • By wendydodds


It was a frosty start on Monday 5th February for the Year 10-13’s exhibition football match at Southampton University. Kenley Campus were supposed to be a part of the competition but unfortunately were unable to attend. Instead, Wilton Campus played an exhibition match that was also used for GCSE PE assessment purposes.

The quality of play was high throughout, but Team A (yellow bibs) dominated the first half, with crisp passing and joined up play in the midfield, led by George Aris and winger Wyatt Tuffin, lead to some great goals by Wyatt and Wade Browning. Team A’s defence was also solid and, despite a few opportunities for Kent Diffey, Henry Diffey and Riley Humphreys, Team B were unable to score. A late first half goal however by Riley Humphreys gave Team B a glimmer of hope going into the second half, despite being 3-1 down.

Team B came into the second half charged up and, with the introduction of Harrison Brown making some great runs down the wing, were able to break down the Team A defence; Riley Humphreys was able to score consecutive goals to make it 3-3. Zac Aris and Alfie Browning worked well together in the midfield for Team B, but the solid defending, by the likes of Guy Tuffin, still proved to be formidable and Team A were rewarded by another transition goal. Team B however were relentless in their pursuit of an equalizer and Harrison Brown continued to work the right wing to find the cross in for the equaliser. Players became tired towards the end of the game and the standard of play began to drop. However, in a last ditch effort for the win, Dellan Long noticed the Team B keeper off his line and scored a long range lob to take the lead and the overall win. Well done to all those who took part.

Man of the Match – Harrison Brown.

Mr Colley


In order to aid the preparation for the Year 11 girls taking GCSE PE, two teams battled it out at Wide Lane Sports Ground on Monday  5th February. It was the first occasion that the students have had the opportunity to participate in a full length match and it was definitely testing.  The students showed some pleasing passages of play, utilising a variety of attacking moves to outwit their opponents. The final score was Green 25 goals to Yellow 9 goals.

Attacking player of the Match with a superb 14 goals for Green was Elicia Dible.

Two players deserved defensive player of the match as they put the opponent under pressure and took many successfully intercepts. They were Tekela Barter for Yellow and Laurel Brown for Green.

Green Yellow
Brittany Wakeford Kiara Sellars
Elicia Dible Zeta Diffey
Natalie Beesley Zara Rubie
Farley Suckling Nikita Fidler
Millie Fennell © Kealan Suckling
Ella Fennell Darcie Suckling
Beatrice Holley Ketsia Gardner ©
Tigerlily Farrant Karina Sellars
Elise Barter
Laurel Brown Tekela Barter
Rose Barter Oceana Barter